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Company Profile


On February 1983, CHESTEELMETAL FABRICATOR ( CMF ) was established and it was duly registered at the Department of Trade and Industry. The establishment is a single proprietorship and a general contractor engaged in machining, steel fabrication and installation of machineries and parts, foundry jobs and marine repairs.

Last June 2005, the management has decided to form a subsidiary corporation to be handled by the same management. The family corporation was established and was duly registered at the Securities & Exchange Commission under the name CHESTEEL MARINE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (CMICORP), which shall provide marine and industrial services.

We have technical staff that are fully equipped with their expertise and are holders of classed technical certificates while the company’s management staff are top notch and well experienced in the field of mechanical, marine and civil works.

For the past decade, CHESTEEL METAL FABRICATOR has gained its reputation in industrial repairs, marine repairs and tanker/barge fabrication wherein we mention few of our clients who are satisfied or has proven the quality of our services. And now, CHESTEEL MARINE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION shall continue the good reputation and excellent service that CMF has established in this industry.

As part of our expansion program, the company has acquired several industrial machineries to cope up with the big volumes of production. An extension or branch office has also been established in Bauan, Batangas to cater the needs of our clients.

It is our utmost concern to render our clients the best quality service. We offer 24hour service, 365 days a year, which includes very rapid response to any emergency that your company may incur.

Our philosophy is to satisfy our customers by being timely with affordable costs and quality workmanship.

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